This is a series of documents explaining the benefits and uses of global directories. The initial article is not very technical, the rest does get into the nitty-gritty of how to be a full-blown part of the global directory.

If your only interest is in phonebook-style information, you should read articles 1 through 4. The rest adds such powerful facilities that you might be overwhelmed! Because with its full potential, the global directory is a bit like Active Directory for the entire Internet -- where everybody can manage their own corner of the World and provision facilities to others.

This document series is related to our efforts to achieve better Internet facilities for end users. Web and Email have been around for decennia, and somehow progress has stopped since then, in spite of piles and piles of interesting developments in the area of Internet standards. We believe that this slowness be overcome if we produce a hosting platform that incorporate many more facilities, like this one. If this strikes a chord with you, we'd to hear from you.